We're here to help your business fly 
Our Network
Our Network operates nationally. We have a growing number on our Panel, and more who just want to tap into our services. 

We're developing promotional strategies and working with other national organisations to deliver exceptional service and promotion of mediation. 
Management Services
We take the stress out of mediation. We can manage your practice with your branding or as part of our Panel. We will deal with every back-of-house element to make your life easier. Ask us how we can help you. 
Who we help
Mediators, whether individuals or entire panels. We're here to help your business grow.
  1. Promotion
    Your business
  2. Management
    individual and other panels
  3. Events
    Locally to you
  4. Control
    Retain control of your mediation
Some of those we're already helping... 
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  1. I have joined the Network for promotion and management

    Paul Harrington

Lets Get Started
Why not speak to us about how we can help you. 

All you need to do is send us a note.

We will guide you through our services, and find a solution for you.